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Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

Mac version released on this very special Trogday.

This joins the PlayStation version, which came to the PlayStation Network in December. And to add to the celebration, the full five game Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People series is available for just $14.95 for a limited time!

Less than $3.00 per episode through January 20! To those who are not familiar with Trogday (for shame!), this is the day on which Strong Bad (of fame) created Trogdor the Burninator as chronicled here:

Fans of the curmudgeonly leader of Strong Badia and his creation, the burninator of the countryside, peasants, and thatched-roof cottages can get more information about this special day by directing their browsers to our Trogday hub page.

Folks can also pick up the PS3 version of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People from the PlayStation Network store for only $14.99. A very merry Trogday to you all, Telltale Games  

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