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Strobe Tuner

Debut iPhone musical offering.

From the land of down under comes a highly advanced and sophisticated Strobe Tuner developed by Jormy Games. A strobe tuner determines the difference between a reference frequency and the musical note. Even the slightest difference between the two will show up as a rotating motion in the strobe display. Using Strobe Tuner for Apple iPhone™ and Apple iPod touch®, it is possible to tune instruments with supreme accuracy!

In comparison to similar products also available through the App Store, Strobe Tuner is superior in terms of features and functionality. For example, many instruments produce harmonics at different frequencies and instead of only having one strobe, Strobe Tuner has two! Because of this it is possible to simultaneously tune the harmonics at once with the second strobe; a tone wheel visualizes the tones that are currently active. Another unique feature is the Timbre Visualization tool. With this it is possible to see the timbre of an instrument as displayed into a multi-octave tone wheel. For the advanced users there is the ability to tweak the sample rate to match an accurate frequency generator should one be encountered.

Strobe Tuner is available from the App Store here:

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Strobe Tuner Feature List

Automatic Recognition: Recognizes which note you are playing and adjusts the strobe frequency to that tone.  Double Strobe (unique!) Strobe Tuner displays two strobe notes at once: useful for identifying the harmonics of your instrument.  Tone wheel: A simple tone wheel visualizes the different harmonics of the tone that you play. Timbre Visualization: Tap the screen once to activate the timbre visualization. You can see what your voice "looks" like when decomposed into different notes. Chord Triad Visualization (experimental): Visualizes the sounds in a triad space. Change A4 Frequency: Using 435hz instead of 440hz for the A pitch? No problem, just specify A440 in the settings pad. Calibration: Do you have access to a supremely accurate sound generator? You can calibrate the device's internal frequency as well (to numbers other than 44100hz).

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