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Street Gears

Rollerskating MMO launches closed beta registration.

For immediate release

Street Gears is a free Roller MMO, developed by the NFlavor Corp and published in Europe by Gala Networks Europe via their game portal. After a long and extensive testing period by the gPotato team, the game will be opened in its closed beta for a limited amount of players. The CBT will last from September 10th to September 19th after which the open beta will be initiated.

Street Gears is a massively multiplayer online roller game, developed by NFlavor Corp, known for their MMORPG Rappelz. The highly anticipated game carries players into a unique world of inline skating where they are to experience challenging trick contests and exciting races, allowing them to compete against each other.

After the long test phase, excluding the public, Street Gears will finally enter its closed beta phase on Wednesday, September 10th at noon to allow a limited amount of players to experience the game. The registration for the closed beta is already accessible in the official website: The amount of players will be limited to 2000 each on both French and German test servers. Thease numbers are subject to change though depending on the test results.

The closed beta test will last from September 10th to September 19th 2008 and will be followed by the open beta which will be accessible to a larger number of people. Selected players for the closed beta test will be informed by e-mail containing all the information needed to enter the test servers and private forums which are set up to provide active participation and communication between the players and gPotato Europe, thus improving the game experience.

The official release of the game will follow the open beta test and will be announced separately depending on the tests. Please refer to the new screenshots attached of the games’ European version.

- Street Gears -

Street Gears is a free multiplayer roller game published in its French and German version by Gala Networks Europe Ltd, leading free to play online games publisher in Europe. Gala Networks Europe publishes free to play online games via its gPotato Europe online portal:

For more information about Street Gears, don’t hesitate to visit the official game website at or contact our PR Service at

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