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Street Fighter V pro out of tourney after domestic abuse allegations

Reigning EVO Japan champ Infiltration will skip Capcom Pro Tour competition at Tokyo Game Show as his team Panda Global continues investigation

Street Fighter V pro Lee Seon-woo (who competes for Panda Global as Infiltration) will not compete at the Tokyo Game Show's Capcom Pro Tour event this weekend as the team investigates reports that he abused his wife.

The accusations came to light this week through an anonymous Reddit user going under the handle "criminal-seonwoo-lee." The poster details a number of incidents from last year and says at least one of them resulted in his arrest.

Yesterday, Panda Global said on its Twitter account that it was taking the claims seriously and conducting an investigation, promising, "If the claims are substantiated we will take appropriate action." Today it followed up, saying, "With the ongoing investigation, Infiltration will not be competing at TGS this weekend."

Seon-woo is the second-ranked Street Fighter V player in the world, according to Shoryuken, and the seventh-ranked player on the Capcom Pro Tour. He won the 2016 EVO championship for the game, and earlier this year claimed the top spot in the EVO Japan tournament for the game. He has also competed and won EVO tournaments for Super Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter x Tekken.

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