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Streamline Studios results

Production studio's revenue up 45 per cent on last year.

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – January 15, 2008 – Streamline Studios, the leading international production studio focused on co-production and production management for games, today announced a 45 percent increase in revenues over its 2007 results. With 12 projects in 2008, the studio continued to grow its workforce by adding an additional 23 employees to handle demand. The company sees growing demand for high-end production services in 2009 and beyond as the game development landscape evolves.

“2008 has been the best year yet for Streamline Studios, and while the industry is seeing full-time positions shrink, the need for outsourced content creation and quality co-production partners is growing quickly,” said Alexander Fernandez, president and CEO of Streamline Studios. “We’re seeing a significant increase in the number of publishers and developers looking to offset their internal burn-rates by partnering with established, high-quality studios that can create AAA content. Our track record has been to seamlessly match the quality, style and specifications of the top game development teams in the world, and the proof is in our revenue growth.”

Streamline began as a work for hire studio in 2001 and quickly adopted the outsourcing model for developing content for games. Realizing the low-end of the market was driven by price and the high-end of the market was driven by quality, Streamline made the strategic decision to establish itself as the world’s leading studio for high-quality, outsourced content creation. In 2008, the company implemented two new initiatives which are credited with a large portion of the annual growth; A co-production model to offer flexible art and content development support to studios, including a multi-title deal with leading independent development studio GRIN; As well as production management capabilities utilizing Streamline’s world-class business development and project management teams.

In 2009, the company plans to continue adding talented artists, programmers, production management and business development specialists to the company.

About Streamline Studios

Founded in 2001, Streamline Studios is the leading International production studio focused on high-quality digital content creation for games. Streamline has become the go-to studio for companies that want to remove production risks from the equation of creating big budget franchises. The studio has provided service solutions for high-profile partners and franchises including Gears of War and Unreal Tournament 3 from Epic Games, THQ’s Saints Row, James Bond 007: NightFire from Electronic Arts, and Red Storm Entertainment’s Ghost Recon 2. Streamline Studios also owns and operates Streamline Records, a music label dedicated to original soundtracks and audio productions for games that appeal to the mass-market audience. For more information on Streamline Studios, or Streamline Records, please visit www.streamline-studios.com.

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