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Streamline Records figures

Use of game music label's services rise 67 per cent.

AMSTERDAM and BUSSUM, The Netherlands – November 25, 2008 – Streamline Records, the leading label for game music, today announced a 67 percent increase over 2007, in companies using its game music and audio production services through Streamline Records and it’s audio production brand, Streamline Sound. The increase has been driven by original soundtracks and music including the Alone in the Dark, DJ Tiësto tracks and Granado Espada’s deep and moving audioscape, as well as Streamline Sound’s growing studio work in setting the mood and tone of numerous releases throughout 2008.

“When we founded Streamline Records last year, we found an open field where companies were looking for reliable, consistently creative, and complimentary original music and audio production services,” said Iwan de Kuijper, general manager of Streamline Records. “We have seen significant traction in the quantity and quality of top-tier partners coming to us to create that original track or set the mood for their interactive masterpieces. Working with a partner that understands games, and is capable of providing high production value has been a major selling point for the label.”

Atari recently announced Streamline Record’s newest original soundtrack for the highly-anticipated Alone in the Dark. Streamline Records recording artist and #1 ranked DJ in the world, DJ Tiësto created new electronic soul pumping music that is also featured in the world’s first videogame music video. Additional projects will be announced over the coming months as Streamline Records reveals its goal to change the way music for games is perceived and thought about from an artistic perspective. Game music can transcend games.

About Streamline Records

Founded in 2007, Streamline Records creates, publishes and distributes original music relevant to gaming consumers. With a vast library of artists, and the ability to compose and distribute original music for games, films, and other digital creative mediums, Streamline Records sees the power of original music for games to reach the mass-market audience. Under its Streamline Sound brand, Streamline Records provides a full suite of audio production options for the games industry. From original game scores, sound effects, Foley, and audio design, to audio post-production, Streamline Sound is the partner of choice for companies looking to deliver an audio experience that finishes the masterpiece of their innovative and rich game play experiences. For more information, please visit:

Streamline Records is trademark or registered trademark of Streamline Studios B.V. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



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