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Stray Bullet and Neowiz link up for "next-gen MMO"

Forthcoming title to be published in Asia by the Korea-based publisher

Stray Bullet Games has announced that it will be working with Korea-based online publisher Neowiz to bring its as-yet-unannounced MMO title to the Asian market.

Neowiz, which already supports a number of online titles in Korea - whose market for online games is expected to exceed USD 1.7 billion next year - will benefit Stray Bullet with its experience:

"Obviously, we are pleased to have a publishing partner with so much experience operating online games within their territory," said president and CEO of Stray Bullet, Mark Nausha. "Their proven track record will enable us to provide the best possible user experience for our Asian players."

The title itself, which doesn't yet have an official name, is based on an original IP and will be developed entirely in-house.

"Stray Bullet Games is committed to creating a fully-realized, ongoing MMO battle experience that combines action with tactical and strategic game play," read a statement. "In the upcoming game, individual characters, guilds, and global factions engage in mass combat that is meaningful, exciting, and above all fun.

"To realize their vision, the team is drawing upon their development experience, the lessons learned developing and supporting Shadowbane, and is looking outside the MMO genre for inspiration in creating innovative features and systems."

No date was given for the scheduled release of the title.

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