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Strawdog secures funding for new console and handheld title

Derbyshire based independent developer Strawdog Studios has announced that it has secured funding from EM-Media to continue prototyping on the company's new console and handheld project, Bugs of War.

EM-Media, which has agreed to fund the prototype development to the tune of UKP 250,000, is the East Midlands' regional film and media development body, which is funded in part by the UK Film Council and the European Union.

It has supported a number of game projects in the past, including Free Radical Design's hugely successful TimeSplitters, as well as mobile games from Nu Generation Games.

Strawdog Studios was founded by industry veterans Paul Smith, Joe Lewis and Simon Morris, who count some 40 published titles between them including work at top British developers Eurocom and Free Radical Design. Bugs of War is the studio's first title.

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