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"Strategy games don't work on console" - Meredith

Beautiful Game Studios boss remains confident on PC market strength

Roy Meredith, general manager of Beautiful Game Studios, has told that he doesn't believe that strategy titles fit the current generation of consoles - and that while the PC market in some areas is declining, he's not worried with respect to the next edition of Championship Manager.

"I think we're fine," he said. "I understand that the PC market is slimming down, but that's because of certain games that now are better suited to console.

"But strategy games - and we are a strategy game - have never worked well on console. I hate Lord of the Rings as a franchise, I thought the EA game was genius on PC, but it didn't work on Xbox 360. Command and Conquer has just been binned by EA - USD 5 million for a PlayStation 3 development...

"Strategy games don't work on console, and people love strategy games. So I don't think it's relevant for us."

He also revealed his belief that the industry should take action as a whole to combat the PC market's decline, and that emerging markets could hold the answer.

"I understand the market's shrinking - we've got to fight back as an industry and tailor things correctly - but seriously, there are so many Sims and Spore games being sold on PC... I don't see it shrinking that much," he explained. "World of Warcraft - that does alright, makes a profit," he added with a smile.

"And there are new markets - Brazil, Russia, India, China - we've got to look at those, how we get a sensible business model there, which we're looking at. So consoles - I don't know... But there are avenues on the PC, so it doesn't worry me."

The full interview with Roy Meredith, in which he also talks about the importance of community to games, is available now.

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