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Strategy First's titles Steam ahead on Valve's online service

Specialist publisher Strategy First has announced that it's to distribute its titles over Valve's digital distribution service, Steam, starting with naval simulation title SCS -Dangerous Waters later this month.

The multi-title deal will see a selection of Strategy First's most popular titles and new releases being delivered over Steam, the client for which Valve estimates is now used by over six million gamers around the world.

"Throughout the years, Strategy First has delivered great games from many developers while navigating the evolution of genres, technology and distribution mechanisms - whether it's moving from 2D to 3D, or from floppy to Steam," commented Strategy First product manager Emanuel Wall.

The Steam service was originally built by Valve to deliver hit PC title Half-Life 2 directly to consumers, but has since built up a library of software - most of it based on Valve's Source engine - which is soon to be supplemented by titles including an episodic SiN sequel and a new game from Deus Ex creator Warren Spector.

However, Valve has never released any sales figures for Steam, giving little indication of whether the service has actually been a commercial success for any of the titles available

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