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Strategy First signs Brigade E 5: New Jagged Union

Set your sights on Global Domination before 2006!

For Immediate Release

Montreal, Canada. August 3, 2005. Software publisher Strategy First, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Silverstar Holdings, Ltd. (Nasdaq: SSTR) and leading Russian software publisher 1C Company are thrilled to announce the signing of the tactical strategy title "Brigade E5: New Jagged Union," developed by Apeiron.

"I'm very happy to announce that Strategy First will be publishing "Brigade E5: New Jagged Union" in North America. This is a game that will challenge and entertain strategy gamers with its innovative combat and control systems, extensive weapon selection, great single player experience and several multiplayer modes," said Pro Sotos, Business Development Manager at Strategy First.

"We are very pleased that "Brigade E5: New Jagged Union" will be introduced to the North American market," said Nikolay Baryshnikov, International Sales Director at 1C Company. "We feel that this title has the potential to be a huge success."

About Brigade E 5: New Jagged Union

"Brigade E5: New Jagged Union" is set in the fictional, small tropical country of Palinero. Players are required to assemble a band of mercenaries and take control of a rapidly deteriorating situation in order to survive the imminent civil war and avoid having their country left in complete ruins.

"Brigade E5: New Jagged Union" is a tactical strategy title. The story offers players the opportunity to experience three different viewpoints of the conflict, or work outside the political structure to achieve their own goals towards global domination. Game play for the title is based on an innovative combat system called SPM (Smart Pause Mode) that successfully blends together the elements of both real-time and turn-based games.


  • Innovative combat system called "Smart Pause Mode" that blends together the elements of both RTS and TBS games.
  • Storyline and scripts of the game are written by Shaun Lyng, designer of the famous 'Jagged Alliance' series.
  • More than 100 accurately modeled firearms.
  • Varied ammunition types: grenades, body armor and specialized equipment.
  • Option to upgrade and modify weapons by adding various gadgets, sniper scopes, bayonets, mini grenade launchers, etc.
  • Selection of specially balanced maps for Deathmatch (up to 4 players, up to 6 players per party)
  • Provides extensive LAN and Internet Multiplayer modes, with CTF, Deathmatch and Fortress dynamic gameplay.

About 1C Company

1C Company specializes in distribution, publishing and development of interactive entertainment products and business software. Founded in 1991, 1C has become the leading Russian company publishing and distributing computer games in the former USSR. 1C Company is widely acknowledged as a game developer and has several internal studios. Internal developments of 1C include IL-2 Sturmovik, IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles, Aces Expansion Pack and Pacific Fighters. 1C Company works as a publisher and producer with over 20 leading Russian independent development studios and has produced over 50 projects for PC and consoles.

More information about the company is available at http://int.games.1c.ru.

About Strategy First

Strategy First, Inc. is a leading developer and worldwide publisher of entertainment software for the PC. Founded in 1990, the Company has grown rapidly, publishing major games in the industry such as "Supreme Ruler 2010" and "Disney's Aladdin Chess Adventures" and simultaneously developing its own in-house titles such as "O.R.B." and "Disciples II". After winning numerous awards for games such as "Disciples: Sacred Lands", "Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns", "Steel Beasts", "Galactic Civilizations", and "Jagged Alliance", Strategy First continues to push the gaming envelope with its own groundbreaking titles, while maintaining its reputation as a unique alternative for independent developers seeking to market their games to a worldwide audience. www.strategyfirst.com .

About Silverstar Holdings

Silverstar Holdings, Ltd. is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: SSTR), focusing on acquiring controlling positions in high growth retail driven and fee-based electronic game businesses that stand to benefit from the economies of scale generated by the Internet and other technology related platforms. It currently owns Fantasy Sports, Inc., a dominant provider of fee-based NASCAR related and other fantasy sports games, Strategy First, Inc. a leading developer and worldwide publisher of entertainment software for the PC, as well as a stake in Magnolia Broadband, a fab-less Semiconductor Company and innovator of radio frequency (RF) solutions for the cellular industry. www.silverstarholdings.com

For more information please contact:

Jessica Hawker

Marketing Coordinator

Strategy First


514-844-3040 ext: 240

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