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Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict

Patch v1.01 issued.

Battlefront Press Info 07 May 2010 --- The highly anticipated first patch for Furysoftware's Strategic Command WW2 Global Theater, v1.01 is here! More than a hundred improvements, fixes and tweaks to both the game engine as well as the editor - many based on feedback from the fan community forums and email - make this one of the biggest patches for one of the biggest grand strategy games out there. Perhaps among the most noticeable improvements to players will be the optimized map scrolling speeds for both the game and editor making very large maps much more playable. Please note, this is a PATCH for the game and will only work for the English language version of Strategic Command WWII Global Theater. This patch will not work with any non-English or non-Battlefront (retail) version of Strategic Command WWII Global Theater at this time.

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