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Stranded Without A Phone

German and Japanese players no longer stranded with the release of the game in their respective tongue.

Stranded Without A Phone, a very popular RPG on the App Store has just been made available in German as well as Japanese through an App Store update. A large number of players contacted the developer and encouraged upgrading the game to include those particular languages, and developer Gilligames was more than happy to accommodate high-volume requests from existing players.

In Stranded Without A Phone, you are the sole survivor of a spaceship that crashed on its way to colonize a new planet. Your mission is to stay alive long enough to get rescued by using all your skills, wits, and the tools you can obtain on the island. To succeed you must not only build shelter protecting you from bad weather, you must also discover a way to feed yourself and find drinking water. If you go exploring on the island, and you are lucky enough, you might find salvageable parts washed ashore from the wreckage; parts you can cleverly assemble to build your very own space radio calling for aid. Stranded Without A Phone includes more than 70 items to discover and use, randomly generated environments and plenty of natural resources to help you on your quest if you know how and where to look for them.

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Full version on the App Store:

Lite version (FREE – English only) on the App Store:

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