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Strachan takes the helm at ESC

Charismatic industry veteran Mark Strachan has taken over the role of Chief Executive at the Entertainment Software Charity, ESC. He replaces Brynn Gilmore, who was a founder of the charity, which has been operating since 2000.

ESC was established to support charity causes related to the advancement of young people through play, training and education, and works with a wide range of companies across the industry to raise funds and provide assistance for those causes.

"I am proud of the way I have helped to establish ESC as the charity of choice for the computer games industry," commented Gilmore, "but there comes a time when it's best to step back and ask whether I possess the right skills to take ESC to the next level. I have decided that ESC would be best served by passing the baton to Mark, who as a previous ELSPA Chairman knows as well as anyone how to rally the whole industry behind a good cause."

And you can expect to hear plenty more about ESC over the coming months, according to Strachan. "It is always a privilege to serve the industry," he commented, "and there can be few roles as exciting as this one. It now falls to me to take ESC forward and you can be sure that everyone connected with the industry will be hearing a lot about the charity over the coming months."

You can find the ESC website at

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