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Stormcloud Creations Announces Arcadia: Guild Of Heroes, The Unique Community Assisted PC Game Project

Carmichael, CA (Stormcloud Creations) June 28, 2006 -- Stormcloud Creations is proud to announce Arcadia: Guild of Heroes (aka The Arcadia Project), the very first fully community funded, community-assisted from the ground up PC game ever attempted. The project includes a special forum for pre-order users where they can play actual builds of the game and suggest ideas as its being created.

The project is in the beginning stages now, with several builds already having been released to raves by dozens of gamers all over the world already participating.

The game itself is a management game with a role-playing game sensibility. You can recruit heroes, view detailed stats on their abilities, age, birthday, height, weight, everything. Build a party of adventurers and send them on dangerous quests in search of riches. You help guide and nurture them through their adventuring careers, healing them and building their skills, and characters age and eventually retire.

"This project is aiming to change the way games are developed," states CEO/Lead Designer Derek DiBenedetto. "This is a special opportunity for gamers to help shape the design of a PC game from its very roots, and the possibilties truly are endless."

More info for the game related aspects of the project and pre-order links are available at:
Entrance into the project is only $19.95, and this gives any user a full version of the game when released and full access to the private forums during the complete development cycle.

Free passes to the forums can be arranged for any interested members of the press, related gaming sites and magazines. For more information, contact Derek DiBenedetto or visit Publishing and/or funding offers are also welcomed.

About Stormcloud Creations:
Stormcloud Creations is an independent PC game developer and publisher who has been in business for over 6 years. We have released 9 games to date, specializing in the RPG/Strategy game genre.

Derek DiBenedetto, CEO/Lead Designer
Stormcloud Creations


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