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Storm: Frontline Nation

SimBin's turn-based strategy coming to the PC in Q2 2011.

Berlin , January 13 th 2011 – Berlin based publisher Just A Game secures worldwide distribution of the turn-based strategy game Storm - Frontline Nation from SimBin Studios AB. The Swedish developer, renowned for its high-end racing simulations, is the rights holder for the game which has been developed by Collosai Studios AB. The game is set in modern Europe and North Africa and skilfully combines strategy as well as tactical combat elements. As a result of a shortage of natural resources and a prolonged economic crisis, the European and North African continents stand on the brink of collapse. In order to secure their own survival, the nations send their armies into combat in the territories mentioned, where the bitter struggles begin.

The aim of the game is to rise to the fore as one of the 45 states, to secure military dominance and become the Frontline Nation. On their way to this goal, players have the opportunity to campaign in strategic as well as in tactical mode and also to strengthen their forces with numerous upgrades before hostilities begin. The strategic mode includes researching weapon technologies, producing combat units, or the cunning use of diplomacy to bring an opponent to their knees. However in tactical mode, combat is conducted under the outside influences of changing weather and a day and night cycle. This is where players rely on the powers of a total of 20 different types of units on land, water or in the air, including covert operations specialists, spies and saboteurs.

The high quality gameplay comes into its own in the main campaign which unites both the strategic and tactical modes. Together with all this, players can also set themselves tactical challenges to become the Frontline Nation in either the Skirmish or Multiplayer modes.

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