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Stoked Rider update: back from E3 with new video footage


after recovering from E3's craziness - it's time to update you on the latest news on Stoked Rider.

The months before the game's release in March almost killed us in terms of workload, but now we are proud on having managed to bring out the first-ever game on Big Mountain Snowboarding. First reviews are already indicating that the basic game-play works out great and the title has already made it's place in snowboarding game history. Feedback from gamers playing the game are already suggesting improvements. Critics also suggest for an easier approach and less steep learning-curve to appeal a more mainstream audience. We take these issues quite seriously and are already working on them

Just right after the game's release the team was busy working on an E3-demonstration.

PhysX-card company AGEIA put us on display at their booth, so we took this chance showing our latest tech to the public.
you should know that for quite some while now we experimented on how to integrate avalanches into the game, since avalanches are one of the reasons big-mountain-snowboarding is seen as a highly dangerous extreme-sport.

... then 2 weeks in front of E3 Tommy died in an avalanche. Being shocked from losing a friend and the game's spokesperson this tragedy gave us great concerns on how to handle the upcoming show - months of preparations for a never-seen-before avalanche-effect followed by the game protagonist dying in a real-life avalanche.

Therefore we removed tommy's name from the E3 avalanche demo - today we release a video with footage from our E3 presentation - it is our small tribute to Tommy.

click to download 15mb divX avi movie: or 99mb high quality quicktime movie:

Now, after the show, we are letting his family decide what should happen with the game's name and Tommy's virtual representation.

That's it for now, thank you all for supporting this game and spread the word.

Despite the recent tragedy we have great plans for this game & its series - stay tuned

Thomas Schaffer
Bongfish Interactive Entertainment
Science Park Graz
Inffeldgasse 21a
8010 Graz, Austria

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