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Source Engined online FPS currently in open beta.

Game Title : STING

Developer : YNK GAMES Inc. (Representative Yoon Yeong Seok)

Publisher : YNK KOREA Inc. (Representative Chang In Woo)

Genre : FPS(First Person Shooting)

Website : 

Date of Service : OBT starts on December 20th, 2008

From its beginning, 'STING' has been developed to target the international market.

In order to satisfy the FPS game users' high expectation standard, 'STING', a classic FPS game, was made based on thorough planning with 5 trial tests.

To target the international market, 'STING' went through careful consideration for choosing a best-suitable engine for game development, and by finally selecting Source Engine, created by 'Valve Software' and rated as the best existing FPS game, 'STING' was created with exquisite graphic and realistic contents.

'STING' embodies realistic character movement and firearm usage, physics processing related to objects, and accurate network synchronization with this, and by exhibiting an online FPS of 'extreme-realistically form' that advanced from previous FPS games through thorough investigations related to firearms that are used in actual fields, 'STING' provides tension and concentration that originated from realistic and accurate game characteristic to users.

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