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StemCell Game Engine

Oil platform demo available for download.

A new StemCell Game Engine-powered demo is available for download:

Key features:

- Strong shader implementation perpixel lighting, real soft shadows, normal and specular maps, particle systems

- Realtime physics and controllable physics machineries

- First person caracter controller using physics

- 3d immersive sounds

- In-game map loading

- In game GUI

- Multiple rendering viewports

- All demo scenes created in CellBuilder, actors code written into C++ in a custom plugin library

DevCell Software is a software company focused on developing game engine technology that's extensible, flexible and entirely tool driven.

StemCell Game Engine is a complete platform for creating A to AAA games and 3d applications. The engine is designed around the goal of reducing development time and cost, while giving designers and artists the tools they need to create rich and immersive worlds.

The user experience is the most important goal in our development. We make sure the user's game development process is short, fun and painless. Our CellBuilder all-in-one tool architecture is allowing complete game construction, testing and running in an easy to use visual environment.

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