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StemCell Game Engine

Forum now available to socialize with other users of DevCell's system.

(NEW) Forum - Stay in touch with the StemCell Engine community, meet people sharing the same passion as yours and exchange StemCell related information.

The StemCell Game Engine forum area is now open. Clients, SDK owners and even interested DevCell Software possible customers can read, talk and share all sorts of information related to the StemCell Game Engine.

Click the to access it. Follow the instructions to register or login.

DevCell Software is a software company focused on developing game engine technology that’s extensible, flexible and entirely tool driven.

StemCell Game Engine is a complete platform for creating A to AAA games and 3d applications. The engine is designed around the goal of reducing development time and cost, while giving designers and artists the tools they need to create rich and immersive worlds.

The user experience is the most important goal in our development. We make sure the user’s game development process is short, fun and painless. Our CellBuilder all-in-one tool architecture is allowing complete game construction, testing and running in an easy to use visual environment.


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