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SteelSeries Announces SteelSound 3H & SteelSound 4H Gaming Headsets

November 13th. 2006.


Copenhagen, Denmark -- November 13th, 2006 -- SteelSeries, a leading manufacturer of innovative professional gaming gear, today announced two new additions to the SteelSound line of professional gaming headsets. The two new headsets named SteelSound 3H and SteelSound 4H, have been developed, tested and approved in cooperation with leading professional gamers.

The two new products are the spiritual successors to the award-winning SteelSound 5H v2, one of the most popular gaming headsets on the planet. Where the SteelSound 5H v2 is targeted at FPS-gamers and optimized for in-game sound frequencies found in Counter-Strike and other popular First Person Shooters, the two new headsets have been optimized for a more all-round gaming experience. SteelSound 4H has been optimized for a multitude of game defining acoustics found in popular FPS and RTS games, while SteelSound 3H has been designed to enhance games that combine events and background music.

Both headsets feature the trademark SteelSound retractable microphone system. The retractable microphone is practically invisible when not in use and features a microphone boom covered in high quality transparent plastic to ensure long-lasting durability.

Both headsets are priced very aggressively and offer aspiring competitive gamers a great entry point into the world of professional gaming gear.

"Just like you can buy good tennis racquets at a number of different price points, you should be able to buy professional gaming gear at different price points," says Kim Rom, Head of PR & Communications at SteelSeries. "With SteelSound 4H and SteelSound 3H we are opening up a new world of audio for gamers who have never experienced how much difference a true gaming headset makes for in-game performance and enjoyment."

"I was positively surprised when I first tested the SteelSound 4H headset. It was surprisingly comfortable and everything sounded crystal clear. It was easy to pinpoint the locations of my opponents and team mates," says Emil "Heaton" Christensen, one of the most accomplished professional gamers in the world. "A good headset should allow the player to fully trust his senses as it is just as important to hear your opponents as it is to see them. SteelSound 4H offers that control."

MRSP is $39.95 USD (SteelSound 3H) and $49.95 USD (SteelSound 4H). Both headsets will be available in December at major retailers, distributors and online stores, as well as at Worldwide availability varies by region. Please visit for more information, including local retailers and online stores.

About SteelSeries

SteelSeries is a leading manufacturer of gaming accessories, including headsets, keyboards, mouse pads and mouse accessories. SteelSeries have been on the forefront of professional gaming gear since its inception in 2001, thanks to continued innovation and product development in cooperation with leading professional gamers. All SteelSeries products are developed in cooperation with professional gamers to ensure optimum performance and durability. SteelSeries supports the growth of electronic sports through aggressive sponsoring of teams and support of organisations, news sites, communities, tournaments and LAN-events all over the world. For additional information, visit

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