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StarTag Win’s TUANZ Entertainment Award for Straylight Studios


31st October 2005

Dunedin's Straylight Studios have won the entertainment category of the TUANZ evision awards.

Straylight's Managing Director Tim Nixon says the award for the PC casual gamer title StarTag was perfect timing.

"It's especially gratifying to be recognized by our peers for all the hard work we've put in, and it's such a great way to kick off the launch of a product which we really believe in."

The original concept of "Tag with Spaceships" was brought to Straylight by Tim Elder, Lead Designer at Blue Alto.

"I had a nifty gameplay prototype that I wanted to give a professional polish, so I talked to the team at Straylight.," says Elder.

"Straylight did an amazing job in realizing the potential for the game, breathing a huge amount of life and character into the concept."

Nixon sees potential in the casual game market, citing the fact that while it may only make up 1% of game industry revenue, if the industry dwarfs Hollywood then that's a huge potential market.

"It's only going to get bigger as games become more accessible and common place. The challenge is turning more towards intuitive delivery of these products, as gaming is now solidifying its place in mainstream culture."

Nixon hopes that the StarTag brand will be able to put a smile on gamers' faces for years to come.

"Pending the success of this initial release, we would love to take the game further as we think the base concept has sufficient depth. We're also really interested in seeing what our cast of crazy characters get up to as the years progress."

StarTag is now available through www.startagthegame.com for $19.95 USD. Straylight is a member of Dunedin's Upstart Business Incubator.

About Straylight Studios:

Straylight Studios is a Dunedin based company specialising in interactive media that pushes the boundaries of innovation, and brings sophisticated new experiences to consumers around the world. By employing vibrant staff across a range of specialities, they can produce unique and imaginative solutions that enhance their clients' brands.

Located in the Centre for Innovation, they are currently working on a myriad of products across multiple platforms including PlayStation Portable, Flash, and the new Windows Vista. Looking to the future, Straylight intend to be one of the major forces driving New Zealand design forward, and hope to work with the national community to ensure that the world can expect only the best from our country, in both imagination and implementation.


For more information contact:

Tim Nixon

Ph: +64 3 4794097

Cell: +64 21 1164150

Email: tim@straylight-studios.com

Web: www.straylight-studios.com

Web: www.bluealto.com

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