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Adopt a girl in this sim.

She is pretty and funny and none can ever stay indifferent to her. We have moved her to a big city of big breathtaking opportunities. There she can become a popular singer or a famous journalist, find true friends and love for the whole life.


No matter where she goes – to the studio, fitness-center or shop – you shall be there to help her look attractive and to win the day. The player can change her look by buying new clothes, doing makeup or dyeing her hair. The complete list of the most important things of trendy clothes, chic accessories, stylish shoes and cosmetics is at your service to unleash your fantasy and creativity!

In StarSim you’ll find out that even a virtual girl has her own weaknesses just as the real ones. No surprise if you catch her drinking wine at a party or raiding the fridge at night. And of course the internet is the thing she can’t live without spending nights and days chatting with her friends and fans, dating with the lucky ones.

No worries you won’t get bored while your girl is working or studying with the two absorbing mini-games –to train brains, lift spirits and kill the time.

The girl has a fair chance to become a great friend that might wake up and go to bed together with you. Everyone will find out more about itself and others will find a dream girl that is always somewhere here.

Main features:

Life in a real time Communication in social networks Opportunity not only to spend, but also to earn money Lots of abilities for the character enhancement Opportunity to save the most beautiful images of the girl in the phone  

The ingame video of StarSim is available on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9xKSX3MU7I

More details about the game can be found on the website: http://www.softdp.com/

You can download the game at http://wap.softdp.com/starsim_rel

About Dynamic Pixels:

Dynamic Pixels is the leading mobile entertainment development company in Russia and CIS. Created in 2004 the company has grown into an experienced studio with almost 40 released titles and the annual growth in turnover of more than 100%. Besides developing its own original games Dynamic Pixels implemented orders for designing and porting for such companies as Reaxion, AIM Production, Engine Software.

Today the games of Dynamic Pixels are distributed by content-providers, operators and vendors of South-East Asia, Middle East, East, South Africa and Western Europe countries. The number of players all over the world has already reached 4 million.

For any additional information or the details, please feel free to contact me:

Alyona Beskorovaynaya

Dynamic Pixels

Work: + 7 499 940 95 15

e-mail: alyona.beskorovaynaya@softdp.com

Skype: alyona.beskorovaynaya


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