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Starshatter: The Gathering Storm updated!

A tune-up and some tweaking to keep this space combat simulator working like a well-oiled star cruiser

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Staten Island, NY, December 20th, 2006 - Matrix Games ( and Destroyer Studios are proud to announce that their space combat simulation and real time strategy blend, Starshatter: The Gathering Storm, has been updated. The update brings a variety of fixes and some additional realism and balance tweaking. Most notably, excessive fighter fuel usage is now more reasonable and thrusters use fuel more realistically. The update also addressed and improved the AI related to recovery and queuing of inbound fighters.

Starshatter: The Gathering Storm challenges both the mind and the reflexes of space combat sim fans. The Starshatter series presents gamers with a unique amalgamation of heart-pounding space combat action to test the wits and reflexes without sacrificing an engaging real time strategy element that will challenge the mind.

Gamers can find themselves in a variety of roles that can start out as a grunt on the frontlines of an intergalactic war, flying a small fighter tasked with dog fighting, escorting frigates, and destroying enemy installations. Given enough time, talent, and success, the player's good work as a grunt will land them a promotion which may eventually lead to commanding an entire fleet at the helm of a massive behemoth starship!

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Matrix Games produces, markets and publishes historical wargames as well as other computer gaming products. Since 2000, Matrix Games has published over three dozen titles and several award-winning games, including War in the Pacific, Highway to the Reich, Gary Grigsby's World At War, Flashpoint Germany, Battles In Normandy, Starshatter and Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar. Matrix Games is based in Staten Island, New York. For more information, visit the Matrix Games website at


Destroyer Studios LLC is an independent game development company dedicated to the creation of exceptional entertainment. Starshatter: The Gathering Storm is their second major game release. Destroyer Studios was founded by lead developer John DiCamillo. Mr. DiCamillo has fifteen years of experience in software development ranging from Internet gaming to exo-atmospheric weapon systems. Destroyer Studios is based in southern Orange County, California.

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