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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Live webchat taking place with game star Nathalie Cox, this afternoon.

Chat date: Friday 19th September

Chat time: 14.00

Star Wars fans and gamers: rejoice. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a new video game that not only features cutting edge technology for the new generation of consoles, but promises to reveal the full story of the events that took place between Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope.

The next chapter in the Star Wars saga, tells the story of Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice, a mysterious figure trained by the menacing Sith Lord, to hunt down the last of the Jedi. Set in the dark times between the prequel trilogy – exploring the aftermath of Order 66 which called for the immediate execution of all Jedi – and forming a direct bridge to the Original Trilogy, The Force Unleashed will forever change the fate of the Galaxy and explain key plot points that directly lead into events in Star Wars: A New Hope.

New generation technology is promised for the cutting edge console enthusiast too, Digital Molecular Matter incorporates the physical properties of anything in the environment so that everything reacts with extraordinary realism - wood breaks like wood, glass shatters like glass and the gaming environment takes on properties of the real world

Euphoria enables interactive characters to move, act and even think like actual human beings, adapting their behaviour on the fly and resulting in a different pay off every single time.

The Secret Apprentice’s journey takes him across the Galaxy, aided in his dangerous missions by his sidekick PROXY and an alluring Imperial pilot (and eventual love interest) named Juno Eclipse, who is played by Actress Nathalie Cox and also performs the role of the game’s narrator. Who better therefore to answer your questions about the hitherto unknown mysteries of the Secret Apprentice and the newly unfolding secret history of the Empire?

To get the lowdown on the newest elements and find out more about what went into the making of the Star Wars saga, log on to our webchat and Nathalie will oblige. Just one thing though - don’t get cocky, kid!

Nathalie Cox joins us live online at on Friday 19th September at 14.00 to talk about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

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