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Star Wars Galaxies™ Chapter 6: Masters of the Wild

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- May 23, 2007 -- This month, LucasArts introduces all new features and adventures to the best selling online game, Star Wars Galaxies. Get ready to walk on the wild side through the exciting new Beast Master System that allows players to create, raise, train and trade more than 150 creatures in game! Through the new Storyteller Event System, players will be able to create their own Star Wars stories, or they can tackle new adventures through the Azure Cabal Quest Series and in the improved Rebel Theme Parks.

The New Beast Master Expertise System

The new Beast Master Expertise System introduces several new features that allow players to create, collect, train and use customized pets in the game. Through this system, players will be able to create and grow eggs, sell and trade the eggs, hatch them to raise pets, and level their pets for use in their homes and in combat. More than 150 types of Beasts will be available through the system, including some of the most rare and popular in the game like the Spined Rancor, the Psychotic Jax and the Horned Dewback.

The Beast Master system is available to all players, regardless of profession or level, through a new, third expertise tree filled with skills that will enhance their experience with their new furry (or scaly) companions. Players can choose skills that affect the customization of the Beast's attributes during the growth cycle, or focus more on the Beast's capabilities after hatching, both in battle and around the house.

During the Beast's incubation process, players can manipulate such things as the temperature and enzyme levels to create new types of creatures never-before-seen in the galaxy, that they can then keep, or trade to other players. Players can even use certain Beasts as mounts, including the Dewback and Kaadu. Players must keep their menageries happy though -- or they might find themselves Beast-less.

The New Storyteller Event System

The new Storyteller Event System will give all players the ability to run their own Star Wars-themed events in game, complete with NPCs such as Gamorrean Guards and Tusken Raiders, props such as X-wings and AT-ATs, and atmospheric effects such as music and fog. Players can purchase these items directly from Storyteller NPCs scattered throughout the galaxy, and then use them in events that they host in the game world. Events can be friendly get-togethers, or combative experiences where players will need to bring their best skills and abilities to make the events successful!

The Azure Cabal Quest Series

Players level 85-90 will enjoy this series of adventures based on lore from the expanded Star Wars universe as they seek to gain the trust of an elite, but elusive band of mercenaries known as the Azure Cabal.

Villains, rogues and scoundrels looking for work seek out the Azure Cabal, but the way into their inner circle is easier said than done. Those lucky enough to make contact with the cabal's mysterious leader, Loruna Scathe, and her closest associates, must survive dangerous missions to earn their acceptance...and the lucrative contracts that come with it.

Rebel Theme Park Updates

The Rebel Theme Parks have been updated with high level content and rewards, including all-new quests that allow players to experience life as a Rebel Alliance soldier. Players will accept missions from key members of the Alliance, including C-3PO, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, that will take them across the galaxy to such locations as Nym's Stronghold on Lok, The Exar Kun temple on Yavin 4, and the Abandoned Rebel base on Dantooine.

Chapter 6 Gift

When players log in to download Chapter 6, they will automatically receive Wim Magwit's 'Magic' Painting that they can place in their home, or other player structure. Wim Magwit, a former stage performer, has created a painting that will automatically switch from among 20 different galactic images, surprising the player with a new picture every time he or she enters the structure where it is placed.

For more information on Star Wars Galaxies Chapter 6: Masters of the Wild, please visit www.StarWarsGalaxies.com.

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