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Star Project Online

Popstar management game reporting "explosive popularity among Korean female users" and headed overseas.

- Atoonz, Inc., Korea ’ s No.1 flash game developer, expects success with its star management simulation game

- Concluded export contract with WeMade Online(Japan) to enter overseas markets


<Star Project Online (>, an ‘idol managing simulation game’ recently raking in an explosive popularity among Korean female users, is scheduled to be launched in Japan by early 2011.

Atoonz, Inc. (Jini Lee, CEO), the developer and the operator of ‘Star Project Online’, has recently revealed its recent service contract for distribution in Japan with WeMade Online (Jong-gu Choi, CEO).

‘Star Project Online’ was launched last September on, a website directly operated by Atoonz, Inc., and made its first advance to overseas in only three months.

WeMade Online which made a contract with Atoonz, Inc. is a game company established in 2004 that has been successfully servicing numerous games in Japan, including ‘Seal Online’, ‘R.O.H.A.N’, ’12 Skies II’, ‘N.E.O Online’ and ‘Last Chaos’.

‘Star Project Online’ is a game where the user acts as an idol’s personal manager. The game strengthened its sense of reality by setting the stages to the places in modern Seoul, with factors such as the in-game weather being synchronized in real-time with the actual weather. Furthermore, the web game factor was added to disregard installations or downloads, making it easy and convenient to run the game anytime anywhere with a single click. It is also characterized by adding to the story’s entertainment with the romance comic-style CG and voices of familiar dubbing artists.

Jini Lee, CEO of Atoonz, Inc., said “’Star Project Online’ will provide an entertaining agency experience where the user discovers the star, writes contracts and grows the idol into a star, a process similar to actual celebrity management,” and that “The current launching of ‘Star Project Online’ in Japan is intended to propagate the games of Atoonz, Inc. to Japanese users, as well as to overseas markets.” She also added, “We will successfully enter the Japanese market and aim for a full-scale sales growth overseas in 2011.”

On another hand, ‘Star Project Online’ has also been developed as a social network game (SNG) last November, and is gaining an explosive popularity among Korean users by ranking No.1 on Korea’s Nate App Store (

Further details can be confirmed at the homepage of ‘Star Project Online’ (, and the game’s music video ‘Twinkle Star’ can be viewed on YouTube (

About Atoonz (Company Introduction)

Atoonz, Inc., the developer of ‘Star Project Online’, has developed <Jewel Princess ELLEJOU> last 2007 as the first feminine romance simulation game, which has been serviced in Taiwan ( through since last year, and has recently commenced services in the United States ( The company has also developed 5 SNGs(social network game) that are currently being serviced through Naver and Nate Apps, with each game gaining great popularity among its users.

For Further Information (Personnel Contact Info)

Name of P.R. (Business) Manager: Suk-Joon Ko

TEL: +82-2-2082-2525



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