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Star Jim

iPhone-based platform battle against the evil Craken.

Evil Craken has stolen all the stars in the universe and it's up to stellar adventurer Star Jim to save the universe from everlasting darkness.


“Evil Craken has stolen all the stars in the universe and plunged the world into everlasting darkness. Stellar adventurer, Star Jim, is called to duty again. He receives the maps of the galaxies and is sent out to space to fight Craken, his armies and to bring precious light back to the Universe!”

The combination of gorgeous, arcade-style graphics, intelligent adversaries, a fun story and ease of playing makes Star Jim perfect for any player who wants to enjoy a fun and addictive adventure and always come back for more! Battling against the malicious Craken, a plucky hero with a jet pack is making his way through different galaxies and stellar lands jumping around and catching shiny stars. His ultimate goal? To restore light to the Universe.

Jumping and bouncing at high speed from platforms to space and grabbing stars, our hero saves the world from endless darkness and it’s most fearsome enemy – the dark Craken – a sinister one-eyed creature that whizzes around in its ancient flying saucer and controls an army of mind-controlled aliens, galactic helicopters and weird-looking killing balls.

In every level the player has to gather the 24 stars available in a specific order while dodging a multitude of threats. The player can collect the stars randomly but he will miss out on the big bonuses he can gain by figuring out a strategy to gather them in the perfect order. Star Jim is a perfect example of brilliant game play and unwavering addictiveness!”


- Suitable for all ages

- 2 control modes: Accelerometer and touch keys.

- 5 constellations with up to 21 different levels each.

- Score records

- True arcade spirit!


The game can be downloaded from iTunes:

For a limited time, the price is reduced to only 0.99$. You can visit the teaser site, where you can provide feedback or report an issue:

For more information:

phone: +40.332.401.940



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