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Stalin vs Martians

Second trailer released.

GDC San Francisco - March 27, 2009. Mezmer Games today released a second trailer from the arcade RTS game Stalin vs. Martians, developed by an alliance of three independent studios: Black Wing Foundation, Dreamlore and N-Game.

Following the avalanche of requests to see more of the gameplay in Stalin vs. Martians, Mezmer Games released a new video with in-game footage that gives everyone some answers and shows that the game is not just one big spoof. This video also nullifies all the evil rumors (probably spread by the Martians) that the gameplay would be slow.

Check out the trailer Smooth moves with Stalin vs. Martians here:

The video features the retro-styled song All Hail Stalinator! by Ilya Orange and Space Detective. Ilya Orange is the author of the games original score, including the now-famous tune from the first Dancing Stalin trailer. Also, you will see glimpses of the extensive fauna of different alien creatures that the Red Army will fight against. Finally, the video shows a teenage girl showing off some wicked dance moves, most likely inspired by the great leader and dancer Stalin.

The game is scheduled for release in April 2009 as the first release of Mezmer Games, the new publisher label under Paradox Interactive that focuses on indie development and digital distribution.

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Paradox Interactive at GDC San Francisco:

Tom Soderlund, Executive Producer for Mezmer Games

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Kim Soares, Lead Designer for East India Company

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Johan Andersson, Producer for Hearts of Iron 3

Alexey Kozyrev, Producer for Majesty 2

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Maxim Bodrikov, Game Designer for Elven Legacy

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Armagan Yavuz, Producer for Mount&Blade: Warband

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At Friday, Paradox Interactive will be present at the San Francisco Marriott, located 1 block from the Moscone Convention Center, in meeting room Pacific A.

If you want to schedule last minute interviews. please call us on our mobiles.

Media Contacts:

Joe Ziemer, TriplePoint

(212) 730-9744

Boel Bermann, Paradox Interactive

+46 737 66 04 22

About Mezmer Games

Mezmer Games is a new independent games label, focusing on great games from small game studios. As box retail is becoming increasingly expensive, sluggish, and non-eco-friendly, we help indie developers reach a large audience through download distribution. We work exclusively with digital distribution and alternative channels. With the Mezmer Marketing Machine, we give the indie titles the attention they warrant through clever marketing and PR. Mezmer Games is a wholly owned business unit of Paradox Interactive.

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About BWF

BWF is a company that became a place for about twenty professionals in game industry where they create, live and breathe with innovations. Our primary activity is game development, but we also provide different types of outsourcing (most notably graphic outsourcing) and lead some researches in other fields. As a producer and developer, BWF is concentrated at games that amazes, whatever you can put into that word. Company HQ is located in Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk.

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About Dreamlore

Dreamlore is a weird computer games developer, founded in Moscow in 2006. To date it shipped 3 and a half strange anime visual novel titles (including one about Soviet spaceships and battle robots!) for the Russian market, even despite the fact that nobody really cares about this genre outside of Japan. Now we're working on Stalin vs. Martians and a couple of unannounced (and weird) products. We suppose you can call it а good start.

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About N-Game

N-Game was founded in 2002 and now is a one of the leading development companies in Ukraine. Company has developed such games as “Legends of Allots”, “Fields of Thunder” and “X-team”. N-Game is a professional team of the specialists who has combined their efforts to create interesting, creative and immersive games.

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