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Square Enix plans Final Fantasy VII title for PSP

Japanese RPG giant Square Enix has revealed that it is planning to bring a spin-off game based on the classic Final Fantasy VII to Sony's forthcoming PlayStation Portable handheld console early next year.

Titled Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, the new game was revealed last night by the company - although few details have yet emerged, aside from the fact that FFVII character designer Tetsuya Nomura and Final Fantasy X director Yoshinori Kitase will both be working on it.

Also attached to the project is Hajime Tahata, who worked on Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis for mobile phones; Before Crisis is currently rumoured to be on its way to the Nintendo DS handheld.

The new PSP game is just one of a pantheon of new titles being created by Square Enix, and collectively known as the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Mobile phone title Before Crisis, computer generated movie Advent Children and a console action title starring Vincent Valentine are also included in the "Compilation" titles to date.

However, one thing which hasn't emerged yet, despite the hopes of fans of the series, is a conversion of Final Fantasy VII itself to a next-generation console or handheld - it's still only available in its original form, as PlayStation title.

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