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Square Enix "fell behind in multi-platform development"

Publisher's game development manager explains the thinking behind its new LA studio

Square Enix has admitted that it moved too slowly in adopting a multi-platform approach to game development, according to the company's development manager, Fumi Shiraishi.

Speaking to Ars Technica about the company's decision to set up a new development studio in Los Angeles, Shiraishi explained that it was looking to grow outside of Japan through a variety of means, choosing new platforms over genres and game styles.

"Square Enix as a whole fell behind in multi-platform development," he admitted.

"The stuff [games created by Square Enix in Japan] does what it is supposed to do...but the Japanese market isn't growing... We're not deliberately focusing on the North American audience," he said. "We're just trying to make a good game."

"We're not trying to make a game with a Western looking main character and with blood and gore," Shiraishi said. "There is no point in making another FPS."

Square Enix has been traditionally reliant on PlayStation consoles for its game sales. However, the company recently released its RPG The Last Remnant on the PlayStation 3 as well as Xbox 360, and intends to offer the latest Final Fantasy title on Microsoft's console too.

Last month, the Japanese company revealed its intentions to buy out UK publisher Eidos to further reinforce its position in the Western markets.

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