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"Sentimental" third-person shooter, if you can imagine that, featuring robots on a quest to save a girl.

? TPS embodying excellent sense of striking and speed

? A story of robots out to save a girl first demonstrated at G-Star 2010

(2010-11-26) HanbitSoft Co., Ltd. (K.Y. Kim, CEO) revealed its game play video of <Squadflow> (, “The Beginning of Sentimental TPS”, at G-Star 2010, the largest game festival in Korean held in Busan.

<Squadflow> has already impressed a group of audience with its initial release of game play video. <Squadflow>, HanbitSoft’s sentimental TPS game that depicts the travels of robots to save a human girl, is differentiated from existing TPS games that simply emphasized battles, and is evaluated to bestow impressive emotions as if the users are unfolding a story by experiencing the mission system.

The recently revealed video of <Squadflow> is about the battle between robots to save Lea, a girl that they met coincidentally in a city out of the reach of humans.

This video demonstrated not only the developed graphics that harmonically combines TPS with mechanics, but also an excellent sense of striking and speed of <Squadflow>.

In particular, the video clip’s last scene captures the dejected female heroine Lea from behind along with the ruined city, which leaves lingering imagery and sentiment to the audience of <Squadflow>.

On the other hand, HanbitSoft Co., Ltd. has installed a demonstration booth at this G-Star 2010 event to allow guests to play all of its games on-site, including <War Cry>, <The Heaven of Three Kingdoms>, <Extreme Trolling> and <Squadflow> to induce explosive response from the users.


Contact Point

B.K. Yoon, Chief of Department ? 070-4050-8080 (C.P) 017-514-6538 (E-mail)

J.K. Jeon, Manager             ? 070-4050-8081 (C.P) 016-859-2850 (E-mail)

H.R. Kwon                     ? 070-4050-8083 (C.P) 010-6505-0518 (E-mail) 

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