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Squad Level Strategy Game Taskforce Revamped

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September 2007, Cheshire U.K. - Independent PC game developer Cornutopia Software ( www.cornutopia.net) have announced of their premier strategy title Taskforce 1.02, now available from www.cornutopia.net.

A major update compared to previous versions, v1.02 features a new 12 man squad to command and new map designs to accomodate this. Weapon damage has been tweaked and a new intelligent equipment assignment algorithm makes it faster and more convenient to start missions without equipping each team member.

Taskforce: The Mutants of October Morgane is a turn based strategy game that puts you in charge of an elite squad of soldiers. Commanding your squad through a series of missions, you will encounter enemy troops, zombies and more as you confront evil megalomaniac October Morgane.

The game is played out in a 3D polygon environment. Each mission is different, and any completed mission can be replayed as a single game. All missions include some random elements; from random start positions for the enemies to random arrangements of the maps. Taskforce has been praised as the best X-COM style independent game release.

Taskforce is available from Cornutopia Software for $24 US, £12 or 18 euro. Visit www.cornutopia.net to download the demo that puts you in command of the hostage rescue operation at Cyrus Labs.





Game download (6.1Mb):


Mark Sheeky

Cornutopia Software



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