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SplitFish's FragFX Peripheral Ships

Critically Acclaimed PlayStation®3 Controller Gives Gamers a Leg Up on the Competition

Edmonton, AB - Jun 22, 2007 Editor's note: Images of the FragFX can be found on the MMPR FTP site at http://www.mmpr.com/MMPRFTP/. Innovative peripheral maker SplitFish GameWare Inc today announced that the company's shipment of the FragFX game controllers for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system will be arriving in select locations as soon as next week.

This first shipment has been allocated to pre-orders from SplitFish's website - www.splitfish.com. Consumers who pre-ordered FragFX controllers directly from SplitFish can expect those shipments to go out during the week of June 24th.

Despite no formal announcement of a pre-order program for the FragFx, the SplitFish website has been besieged by consumers in recent months, leaving only a limited supply going to:

www.Amazon.com (Web site ordering only)

www.GameStop.com (Web site ordering only)

Our official eBay seller (very limited amounts)

Europe gamers only (via www.SplitFish.de web site)

Demand has exceeded supply of the initial manufacturing runs of the FragFx. However, we have increased production in order to adequately stock retail outlets.

In early previews, the FragFX controller has been well received. The FragFX controller works with all games and game styles. It's one of the easiest to use and most intuitive controllers ever designed specifically for the PlayStation 3. The FragFX gives you that same PC-style game-play on the PS3 and doubles as an optimized mouse for PS Home and Browser navigation. Faster, more accurate and easier to use than a standard PS3 controller, you can dynamically program the motion and adjust the mouse sensitivity - making the FragFX a true intelligent controller.

Features include:

Just plug it in and play

Faster and more accurate

All games supported

An optical mouse for higher control

Full SixAxis motion control

Frag button for pinpoint movements

Dynamic mouse sensitivity adjustments

Adjustable motion sensitivity

Motion level calibration

Programmable motion over-ride

Analog Stick Swap Ability

Firmware upgradeable

PS2 games support on PS3

Doubles as navigation mouse

"The FragFX finally makes the console gaming waters safe for PC gamers to swim in," said Cisco Schipperheijn, CEO of Splitfish Gameware. "We created the FragFX to enhance PlayStation 3 owners overall gaming experience. We believe that when consumers compare the cost to upgrade to a Vista Game System relative to the PS3 and FragFX combination gamers will see the benefit."

The FragFX has been hailed as innovative and exciting by leading gaming sites such as IGN.com and called "a bizarre control monstrosity" by Wired.com (but they meant it in the nicest way). "The cumulative effect of the FragFX during our play session was improved accuracy at distance and better target tracking at close range for the PC gamers among us. The Frag button was also useful for holding a steady bead on targets," enthused IGN in their March 1, 2007 preview.

According to TwitchGuru, "... the controller provided me with an almost immediate improvement to my FPS skills on Resistance, and the extra value of the speed dial and Frag button make the product even more attractive."

The FragFX is available for a suggested retailer price of $59.99.

About SplitFish

SplitFish is a developer of original patented video game hardware technologies that include the FragFX, the EyeFX 3D Adapter, the EdgeFX Controller, the MotionFX Tilt-sensing Adapter, the GlideFX Trackball Controller, and the DualFX Laser Gun. For further details email us at info@splitfish.com or visit our web site at www.splitfish.com.

Website: http://www.splitfish.com

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