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Spir.Ops launches its new middleware: the 1st graphical Artificial Intelligence toolkit!

Paris, France, April 29th 2005. Spir.Ops presents a new middleware for Artificial Intelligence: SPIROPS. This graphical toolkit lets your teams design artificial behaviors, including emotions, personalities with memory and adaptability abilities.

SPIROPS puts A.I. in reach of everyone, and pushes its limits far ahead. It helps you formalize the required behaviors. It integrates some advanced A.I. features such as: EMOTION & PERSONALITY (your behaviors are consistent with the personality and the emotions of your characters), ADAPTATION (your behaviors modify themselves to fit better), MEMORIES (your characters acquire memories of events/facts, and use them to think better).

SPIROPS saves your time. It is a visual editor, accessible to the whole production team, from the designers to the coders, and all along the production. SPIROPS uses an incremental design method. You can build new behaviors based on previous ones. You can easily add features to your existing behaviors.

SPIROPS saves memory and CPU time. It uses only few resources, and is compatible with most platforms, from mobiles to consoles and computers. The only requirement is a C++ compiler.

"Artificial Intelligence is one of the major steps for next generation games. And what will make the difference is the quality of decision making. Whereas the complexity of standard AI systems increases exponentially with the richness of behaviour, SpirOps keeps this complexity to a manageable level. It then allows developpers to make rich and efficient agents in a fast and intuitive way.

"In a nutshell, SpirOps makes it possible to bring life to games."

Olivier Saillant, Lead Programmer, UBISOFT Annecy Studio

Spir.Ops will be present at E3, May 17 - 20, 2005 in Los Angeles, California, USA. To meet us and discover SPIROPS, contact us (

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