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SpirOps AI now handles crowds

SpirOps adds major feature enhancements to SpirOps AI; the industry leading solution for behavior Artificial Intelligence now handles crowds.

Paris, France, March 1st, 2007 - SpirOps today announced the release of two new components for SpirOps AI: "SpirOps Graph Generator" and "SpirOps Crowd". These two new components enlarge the range of SpirOps AI, allowing the industry leading solution for behavior Artificial Intelligence to handle crowds, from a few people to several thousands of them.

"With these two new components, video game developers can now easily populate any 3D environment with a crowd of several thousand characters with a unique and realistic behavior for each of them" said Jerome Hoibian, CTO for SpirOps.

SpirOps Graph Generator analyzes in a few seconds any 3D environment and places collision information and paths, so that an AI driven character can find his way. The 3D environment can be several kilometers wide, and can have several levels. With SpirOps Graph Generator, each AI driven character knows exactly, from any position, where he can go, and how to go there.

"Thanks to SpirOps Graph Generator, an artist can visualize, in a few seconds and without any need for a programmer's assistance, an overwhelming crowd in its 3D environment" explains Axel Buendia, CEO for SpirOps, "this can even be done before the first line of game code has been written".

SpirOps Crowd offers « brains » libraries managing basic behaviors of a neutral character within a crowd. These brains contain all major mathematic calculations needed to handle a crowd, from a few people to several thousands of them. Each character of this crowd can move avoiding obstacles and other moving characters. The « brains » libraries of SpirOps Crowd can be used as a main ingredient to create any kind of sophisticated behavior of a character in a crowd.

"Handling massive crowds has become a critical challenge for video game developers" said Axel Buendia, CEO for SpirOps, "the new generation of games features always larger environments that need a dense life activity to immerse the player. With "SpirOps Graph Generator" and "SpirOps Crowd", this new challenge is now only a formality".

About SpirOps

SpirOps is a middleware development team focused on artificial intelligence issues. Their ultimate goal is to allow video games and simulations development teams to enter what we call "the Living Game era". To design more realistic behaviors with a never reached complexity, the SpirOps team had to develop a new artificial intelligence design paradigm called "Drive Oriented". This paradigm allows to design artificial intelligence with graphical tools, and to keep a linear complexity along the brain creation process. To learn more, please visit


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