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Speedball 2 trailer - Extreme sports undiluted

Teaser announcing trailer video for cult futustic sports game Speedball 2

Berlin, 03.05.2007: Limited sporting ability is for losers - at least in Speedball 2. In the latest in-game footage teaser, Frogster shows spectacular scenes from the forthcoming cult futuristic sports game Speedball 2, now under development at Kylotonn under the supervision of veteran game developer Mike Montgomery (The Bitmap Brothers). The teaser presents a short look at the impressive scenes from the trailer that Frogster will release in May 2007.

The teaser is available for download at these direct links:

www.frogster-interactive.de/downloads68!33!358,1.html (MOV) or

www.frogster-interactive.de/downloads68!33!359,1.html (MP4).

Speedball 2 will be released in Q3 2007. Newly released for PC it will transform the futuristic game setting into a vibrant online sporting spectacular using state of the art technology. With international leagues, a worldwide ranking system and a virtual market place, Speedball 2 will tick all the boxes for a modern multiplayer action game. Fully customizable characters ranging from cyborg to amazon, dynamically changing sports battles and endless community support will inspire enthusiasts of sports, action and e-sports alike. For more information visit www.speedball2.com. A newsletter about the game provides exclusive information corncerning every step of the development progress. Subscribers regularly receive news, previously unpublished material and access to competitions. If you want to be kept up-todate with Speedball 2, register now on www.speedball2.com

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