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Join the non-stop action in a 3D battlefield!

Welcome to the Cyberwar! Join the non-stop action in a 3D virtual battlefield. Take control of your cybertank with a huge assortment of weapons and power-ups as you blast your way through cyberspace!

Spectre 3D is the retro re-make of first-ever network multiplayer game “Spectre” – now for iPhone OS! The original version of Spectre, introduced in 1990 and published in 1991, was the first-ever network-enabled, multi-player LAN game.

This completely re-engineered retro classic Mac game has been optimized for iPhone OS devices. Spectre 3D features 120 levels of single player action including Spectre Classic and Spectre VR. Multiplayer online games support up to 16 players, plus dedicated servers are available for 24x7 play. Spectre 3D is also the first 3D-stereographic multiplayer game! Kid-friendly, fast-paced, shoot-em-up arcade action. It is available for only $4.99 in the App Store.

Spectre was originally available on the Macintosh, and later on the PC and Super Nintendo gaming system. Selling over 500,000 copies, it still enjoys the reputation as being one of the most addictive multi-player arcade-style games.

What originally set Spectre apart was that, in addition to increasingly difficult single-player levels, up to eight (8) players could connect and play over a LAN, where they could see friend’s names in the virtual arena over their cybertanks - whether they were playing across the office or across the country.

This new version, Spectre 3D, developed by Brilliant-Bytes Software, faithfully re-creates the original version’s addictive gameplay, colorful graphics and widely recognized sounds, plus enhanced multi-player gaming, with support for both Bluetooth (up to 4 players) and Internet/WiFi (the only iPhone game offering 16 player online arcade 3D action).

There are new and updated sound effects, graphics and the addition of dedicated online game servers where artificially intelligent CyberBots dynamically populate online cyberarenas where they await the player’s entry into their domain.

A total of four (4) online multi-player game modes include: Arena, Capture the Flag, Flag Rally and the new and challenging “Base Raid”. Multiplayer game access is fast and easy, allowing players to host their own customized online games from their iPhone, iPod or iPad, or join ongoing dedicated games servers available 24x7.

Single-player modes include Spectre Classic and Spectre VR, the sequel to the original classic version that includes more levels, enemies, obstacles and a variety of selectable weapons. Spectre is kid-friendly by design, offering fast-paced, shoot-em-up action without graphic language, content or violence.

And to further extend the tradition of gaming breakthroughs, Spectre 3D offers an option for 3D stereoscopic anaglyph gameplay, which requires simple red/cyan 3D glasses (not included). Spectre 3D is the first-ever full motion, multi-player online, stereo-3D arcade action game!

Additional details for Editors:

Single player game modes included:

Spectre Classic (50 total levels) Spectre VR (73 total levels)

Multiplayer game types included:

Arena Capture the Flag Flag Rally Base Raid


Up to 4 players over Bluetooth Up to 16 players via Internet or WiFi Control your cybertank with a resizable virtual joypad Weapons, shield and flight energy power-ups Totally customizable online game options and weapons configurations Host human versus Cyberbot online team battles Incredibly challenging, all-new Base Raid multiplayer game Defensive tactics include hyperspace teleporting and jump-strafing Spectre is the first-ever online, multi-player, stereo-3D game!

System requirements:

iPhone and iPod Touch (1st Gen and up) running iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later Runs on iPad in compatibility mode (native version coming Summer 2010)

Spectre 3D is available for downloading at the App Store for $4.99.

Spectre 3D Lite is also available at no cost on the App Store, and features 5 levels of Spectre Classic single player and 5 minutes of online multiplayer Arena game play.


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Peninsula Gameworks originally developed Spectre for the Mac in 1990, and it was published from 1991 to 1995 for Macs, PCs and SNES platforms. In 2010 Peninsula Gameworks licensed development and publishing rights to Canadian indie Brilliant Bytes Software, who re-engineered and developed a completely and totally new version of Spectre for the iPhone OS.

For more information please contact Celia Fryar at Peninsula Gameworks.

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