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Spector to distribute new PC title over Steam

Former Ion Storm Austin boss Warren Spector's new development studio, Junction Point Studios, is set to develop a title based on Valve's Source Engine which will be distributed over the Steam digital distribution system.

No details of the game which will be created for Steam have been revealed so far, but it's believed that it's not the only title on Junction Point's plate at the moment - job postings for the company suggest that at least two games are in development at the studio.

Spector, best known as the designer behind the hugely acclaimed PC title Deus Ex, founded Junction Point early this year. His decision to sign up for Valve's distribution system is a major coup for Steam, which has so far mostly been used to distribute Valve's own products, third-party modifications and small indie titles.

Junction Point isn't the first major developer to sign up for Steam, however - earlier this year, Ritual Entertainment announced that it will be releasing a sequel to PC FPS title SiN in episodic form over Steam.

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