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Special Nesquik GameRiot Wrap-up Show Complete With Frag Dolls

GameSHOUT Radio will be hosting a special GameSHOUT Roundtable with Special Guests, Matt "Zyos" Leto, BJ "Honkey" Lang from Nesquik GameRiot, as well as Valkyrie and Rhoulette from the Frag Dolls.

GameSHOUT Radio will be hosting a very special GameSHOUT Roundtable show Live on Wednesday September 14th at 9:00PM EST, dedicated to a wrap-up of the summer Nesquik GameRiot tour, and professional gaming. The special guests for the show will be Matt "Zyos" Leto, BJ "Honkey" Lang from GameRiot Valkyrie and Rhoulette from the Frag Dolls.

Matt "Zyos" Leto is the top Halo gamer in the world and has spent his summer on the Nesquik GameRiot tour playing Halo2 against all challengers. He has played thousands of people, and those who scored 3 kills on Zyos were rewarded with honors and prizes. Honkey is the MC of the Nesquik GameRiot tour and keeps the audience well entertained.

Joining the show will be a couple of very close friends of Zyos. From the Frag Dolls all-female professional gaming clan, (sponsored by Ubisoft), Rhoulette and Valkyrie. A while back while in Wisconsin on the Nesquik GameRiot tour, Zyos had the opportunity to play against Valkyrie. Zyos promised that if Valkyrie scored one kill on Zyos, he would give Valkyrie a written statement proclaiming Valkyrie the Ultimate Gamer. She scored the kill, but has Zyos delivered on his promise? Find out during this live broadcast. It is sure to be a wild party full of laughs and surprises.

About Nesquik GameRiot:

GameRiot is the largest traveling video games event and competition in the world.

It offers gamers a chance to be the first to play the hottest new titles.

The event features over 70 state-of-the-art gaming stations with the newest screen technologies, competitions every hour, a huge assortment of prizes, and the celebrated GameRiot Girls. In a raging party environment, GameRiot also features the hottest DJ tracks, surprise celebrity appearances, and lots of cool giveaways. It has hosted the premieres of some of the best selling video games.

GameRiot has appeared in over 60 cities, with over 333,000 attendees to date.

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About the Frag Dolls:

Okay, boys. The days of cooties have gone the way of Centipede. Girls are into games now, and we're just as hooked as you are. In fact, girl gamers make up 43% of all gamers, according to the ESA. So, where are all the ladies in the house?

Enter the Frag Dolls, a group of girl gamers out to have a little fun. We're here to represent the ladies in gaming with the taste and talent for beating you at your own games. So, for all you guys who think the only gals in gaming are the leather-clad, pixilated beauties on your screens, think again. We're real, and we've got the skills to teach you a few tricks of our own. So hang around and check out our blogs, or come challenge us online. You just might learn something.

frag /frag/ n. & v. · n. 1 number of kills. 2 a fragmentation grenade. · v. 1 to eliminate other players in multiplayer shooters (fragging).

rag·doll physics {buzzword} /ragdol fiziks/ n. 1 a program allowing videogame characters to react with realistic body and skeletal physics.

frag·doll /fragdol/ n. 1 a female gamer with the skills to dominate in multiplayer shooters. 2 a lady with the sass to use the laws of physics to her incontestable advantage.

About GameSHOUT:

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GameSHOUT Radio has over 20 million listeners world-wide by way of the Internet and syndicated AM/FM affiliates in the U.S.

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