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Spaghetti Studios - Rasher Basher

Piggy puzzle action from Manchester, on the App Store now.

Rasher Basher is an original, fun-filled game that is highly addictive and devilishly tricky.

You control the trained Earth pig, Rasher, who needs to save the world from the evil cake and soda loving Wabos. They have wrapped a magnetic grid forcefield around the globe and they have sent guardians called Rashoids to guard it. With a pair of magnetic shoes stolen from the Wabos, Rasher has to gather up the food and drink in order to gain enough energy to turn a host of levers which help to deactivate the electric grid.

Players work through 60 electrifying screens in a game that is simple to control. Rasher automatically moves left to right but it is up to the player to move him up and down in order to collect fruits and avoid being killed. He also has to pull levers to deactivate the forcefield around Earth in a series of increasingly complex levels that see the player battling against a timer.

It has a real “one-more-go” addictive quality that is accompanied by retro-style graphics and a driving soundtrack.


Rasher Basher is available for the Apple iPhone™, Apple iPhone4™ and Apple iPod touch®. Rasher Basher has been developed by Manchester-based Spaghetti Studios, a small independent developer.


Apple iPhone™ & Apple iPod touch®:

Rasher Basher is available on the App Store here:


If you’re interested in a promo code for Rasher Basher please email press@rasherbasher.com/ A limited amount of promo codes are available to the media. Interview requests and opportunities are also available. 

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