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Space War Commander

Sci-fi trading RTS launching on New Year's Day.


Fort Wayne, IN December 26, 2008 // New developer Dreamspike Studios (dreamspike.com) announces the upcoming release of Space War Commander, an independent game that changes the face of Real Time Strategy.

Set in a universe that no longer needs humans, Space War Commander challenges you to trade cargo, hunt ships, and seize control of planets and asteroids. Bypassing repetitive base building common to other games, you must weave a strategy from simple threads like outwitting pirates, cutting off enemy supplies and hitting the enemy where they are weakest. Command a variety of ship types against vastly superior forces. Come out victorious from the hairiest space battles using creative tactics. Space War Commander pits your mind against the universe.


Defeat pirates, mercenaries, and regulars with your hand-picked force of Assassin ships, Scavengers and more. Conquest Mode: 30 challenging galaxies, 7 different races, an original, thought-provoking story and a fresh musical score. Gauntlet Mode: Money carries over between maps, 8 types of gauntlets, and an infinite variety of galaxies. You can play Space War Commander for years but finish an average game in less than 15 minutes! Run blockades, command surprise attacks, disrupt enemy plans, play one faction against another, and crush your foes with an uncountable number of your own creative strategies.


Media Contact:

Blake Yates

Dreamspike Studios


Phone: 260-341-8213


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