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Space War Commander

Sci-fi RTS shakes off those DRM shackles.


Space War Commander made a splash earlier this year as a unique RTS experience. It drew critical and popular praise as a ‘casual time investment with a hardcore strategy payoff’. Now, Dreamspike Studios, the developers of Space War Commander, are announcing a DRM free version of the game available at their website Dreamspike Studios wants maximize the fun for its loyal fans.

Space War Commander is available from the Dreamspike Studios website as well as other popular online venues like Direct2Drive. Players will experience a depth of strategy unavailable in other RTS titles as they run blockades, foil enemy plans, and defeat vastly superior forces through the power of the mind. Space War Commander: your mind against the universe!

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of Dreamspike’s new project.



Blake Yates

Dreamspike Studios


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