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Space War Commander

Sci-fi RTS now available DRM-free via Direct2Drive.


Dallas, TX Feb 20, 2009 // Game developer Dreamspike Studios ( has just announced that Space War Commander is now available DRM free on Direct2Drive. According to game designer Alex Kutsenok, "Direct 2 Drive was the next logical step. With more and more people hearing about space war commander, we wanted to make the game available DRM free with a major Content delivery service." Space War Commander will sell for 19.95 on the service and will be appearing on many other content delivery services in the future with a possible retail release.

Since its surprise launch in January, Space War Commander has been building up a following with Strategy gamers looking to flex their strategic muscle. According to one armchair general, "Some RTS games let you micro manage, but Space War Commander is the only strategy game in a long time that actually made me think". Alex added this caution "don’t rush out and buy this game just because you need a good RTS. You have to be a fairly brilliant strategist to play this game. If you play it like a normal RTS it will beat you up and take your lunch money."


Media Contact:

Blake Yates

Dreamspike Studios

1 260-341-8213

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