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Space Program Manager

Turn-based sim putting us in charge of everything from a moon shot to a mission to Mars.

WARSAW – November 26, 2010

Wastelands Interactive is pleased to announce its new project under the working title Space Program Manager.

Ignacio Liverotti, Lead Designer of Space Program Manager, said “We feel that we have reach the moment when the information about the game could and personally I think even should be officially  announced. Now we are looking for betatesters, both space enthusiasts and common players, who would like to, together with their space agency, send a man to the Red Planet. We deeply believe that Space Program Manager is a game that fills a great gap in games based on the space race from the Sputnik Crisis, trough Orbital Station and Moon Base, to the Landing on Mars. Space Program Manager is a great company managing game, with a soft learning curve and growing immersion.”


Space Program Manager is a turn-based simulation game where you play as the Director of a Space Agency since the agency’s inception until the succesfull deployment of the first crewed mission to Mars.

The main game features are:

Very simple set of rules.

Fills a currently existing gap of simulation games based on the space program.

Entertaining simulation, with great educational and replayability value.

Will appeal to both space enthusiasts and curious players alike

Features many programs that are not available in any other game, such as lunar bases, orbital space stations, SSTO vehicles and an expedition to Mars.

The missions provided by can become very complex and many of them can even span years.

Provides pieces of historical information, where the player can learn about the real life counterparts of the programs and missions available during the game.


Wastelands Interactive is an innovative game developer focused on creating attractive and complex grand strategy games. Since its foundation in 2006 the studio has been developing its main title “Bitter Glory”, the ultimate World War II simulator. Strategy games have been a passion of the founders of Wastelands Interactive for 20 years. Every title created by WI, is a game created by a team of gifted people, experts in their fields, former members of various modding communities and people devoted to history and gaming. Because of its origins, Wastelands Interactive puts great emphasis on collaboration with the gaming community.

If you are interested in receiving more detailed information about company plans and products, please contact exclusively with Leszek Lisowski at 

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