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Space Giraffe

Spruced-up PC version of Jeff Minter's psychedelic shooter available now.

Release info fron Llamasoft Ltd.

We're proud to announce that we have released an enhanced Space Giraffe for the PC. You can download a demo from here:


This is more than just a copy of the Xbox 360 game! In the intervening time the development of the Neon engine has continued, and we now have a lovely new shader library. These new shaders have been used to create a NUXX mix of Space Giraffe which is at once much nicer-looking than the original, and alsoless intensely psychedelic (one criticism of SG 360 was that some of the effects were *too* intense; accordingly the new mix is beautiful and abstract without being quite so overwhelming).

For those who do enjoy the full-on psychedelia of the original, that is still available, because SG PC comes with two packs of 100 levels each - the NUXX smoother mix and the Acid Mix which is the levels from SG 360. We also added the capability for us to make available further level packs - which can be completely new levels rather than simply remixes - should there be sufficient interest. We could make chillout level packs, ultra-intense packs, shorter game packs (maybe 20 levels instead of 100 for those who want a shorter game), special themed packs to celebrate Christmas or L. Ron Hubbard's birthday - whatever people would like.

You can buy a copy from the New Llamasoft Shop where you will also find other great Llamasoft releases:


So please download the game and give it a whirl. There's a lot of helpful information on how to play right here:


And if you do like the game then please do whatever you can to spread the word to others who might enjoy it - mentioning it in blogs, linking to it, whatever you can do would be helpful, since we at Llamasoft have a marketing staff of NOBODY and a marketing budget of NOTHING.

Also don't forget to check the Llamasoft blog for updates on both Space Giraffe and future Llamasoft games:


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