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Space Empires IV Deluxe and Star Fury in bundle

Black Bean sign the European distribution of the famous PC series

Varese, Italy, 26th October 2005. Black Bean is proud to add two new title to the forthcoming line up of strategy titles. And this time the setting is the outer space!

Releasing together in the same box Star Fury and un updated edition of the critically acclaimed Space Empires IV will be reaching the shelves by the end of 2005.

Both developed by the Californian specialists Malfador Machinations, the two title have already been very well received by the North American consumers and will be hitting Europe very shortly.

Malfador Machinations is very happy to be releasing versions of our games into the European market. We've always wanted to expand our audience to the international community and now we can," said Aaron Hall, President of Malfador Machinations.

About Space Empires IV Deluxe. In Space Empires IV the gamer rule the entire universe. A Galactic Emperor must discover new planets to colonize, encourage scientific discovery and economic development, and put down the occasional rebellion.

The award-winning Space Empires IV Deluxe is the latest edition in the Space Empires series. This Deluxe Edition adds all the latest tweaks and upgrades, as well as including all level and campaign design tools, allowing anyone to become a part of the expansive Space Empires Mod community.


  • Detailed Tactical Combat plus a combat simulator to test designs
  • Advanced Political features: protectorates, subjugated empires, trade all possible game items, claim territories, and more
  • Detailed Empire management: research, intelligence, politics, construction queues, vehicle design, and more
  • Completely design and customize all of vehicles, game graphics, data files and AI players
  • Random Events: rebellions, earthquakes, supernovas, industrial accidents, cosmic storms, and the occasional plague

About Star Fury. In Star Fury starship captain livelihood depends on exploring the darkest reaches of space in search of fame, fortune, and adventure. In a galaxy filled with warp points, asteroid belts, gas giants, and cosmic storms, signing on for a tour of duty for large fleet operations it's only chance at survival.


  • Freeform structure
  • Detailed ship configuration through components
  • A living, breathing universe
  • Complete game customization allowed by players ("mods")

For further information

Tania Rossi

Black Bean Pr Manager

tel: +39 (0)332 874 451


About Lago/Black Bean. Black Bean is the games label of Lago Srl, which is part of the Leader Group. Leader SpA has been the leading independent distributor in Italy since it started business in 1984. Leader is based in Gazzada (Varese) which is situated 30 miles north of Milan in northern Italy. Black Bean philosophy is to focus on a wide range of games genre leveraging on the niche targets that remain uncovered into the market. By adding original content to the products and by fully localising the titles Black Bean's vision is to remain close to player's needs. Black Bean has distribution partners all across Europe and PAL territories including Australia and South Africa.

About Malfador Machinations. Malfador Machinations, founded in 1995, is a noted developer of PC strategy games. Its previous titles include Space Empires II, Space Empires III, Space Empires IV, Space Empires IV Gold, Dungeon Odyssey, and Space Empires: Star Fury. Malfador Machinations is based in Santa Rosa, California. For more information on Malfador Machinations visit

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