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Harvest Moon DS launches in Q1 2007

31st October 2006 - Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a dab hand around the garden? Now you can put your green fingers to the test, or simply enjoy a peaceful life on your farm, as Harvest Moon returns, this time on the Nintendo DS. Harvest Moon DS launches across Europe in Q1 2007.

Harvest Moon DS invites players to do as much or as little as they like to pass the time. As well as working in fields and tending to their flocks, players can cultivate their own seed variants, hunt for hidden treasure or even fish in the river.

The aim of Harvest Moon DS is to run a successful farm in Forget-Me-Not-Valley. To do this, players must plant seeds and harvest crops in the right season, as well as looking after animals like cows, chicken and sheep. The unique touch-screen on the Nintendo DS allows players to interact with the animals by petting and caring for them. In return the happy animals will reward players who treat them well with higher quality milk, eggs and wool.

But there are also other reasons for creating a productive farm. The Witch Princess, upset by the Harvest Goddess, has used her magic to transport the Goddess and the Harvest Sprites to another world, where they have become trapped. The player must therefore work hard on the farm in order to release them. As the Sprites are freed, they can help on the player's farm, watering crops and tending to the animals.

Harvest Moon DS isn't all hard work though as the social aspect of living in Forget-Me-Not-Valley is also important. Players can build-up relationships with 25 characters in their town by chatting to them and giving presents. The main character can even form a relationship with one of the town girls, get married and raise a family. The second screen on the Nintendo DS allows you to view sections of the town in real time, meaning you can keep track of the 'girl of your dreams', whilst working in the fields.

Farming has never been so much fun! Sit back and enjoy the calm yet quirky world of Harvest Moon DS, when it launches across Europe on the Nintendo DS for around £30.

For further information please contact the Nintendo Press Office on 0207 307 3103

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