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South Korea's rating board refuses approval for Ghost Recon 2

The latest Tom Clancy based military title from French publisher Ubisoft has been rejected by South Korea's Media Rating Board, forcing the company to drop its plans to launch the game in the region.

The game is set in the near future and features a number of commando missions in the middle of a war in North Korea - an understandably touchy subject for everyone on the Korean peninsula.

Speaking to US website GameSpot, an Ubisoft representative defended the storyline, saying that "when we developed the story background, we aimed at staying away from key current or specific events while still having a reasonable setting for a conflict."

The refusal of the authorities to allow the game into Korea won't affect sales too badly at first, since neither the Xbox nor the PS2 - its launch platforms - have much of a foothold in the area, but will be more harmful when the PC version arrives next spring.

South Korea is one of the biggest markets for PC gaming in the world, thanks to the prevalence of cheap broadband and the development of a unique subculture around professional gaming and cyber-cafes.

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