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Soon Serenade

Musical social RPG launching for PC and Mac in May.

Dallas, Texas - In 2010, R Mulvany was very close to being out of the gaming industry. Of course you have no idea who that is, right? Why would you? That's probably one of the reasons he had given up on the First Star series of MMO's (which is actually the longest running MMO series with 7 games released over an 11 year period).

Hang on, let me stop talking in the third person and try this again...

What I began in 1999 was coming to an end. Building MMO's by yourself is not a very easy business (in case you have a serious brain disorder and thought it might be). At my "peak" I actually released 3 MMO's in a year. Of course I was certainly limited on what I could do myself. My graphics were rather horrible and I had to keep recycling them game to game. It also didn't help that every single publisher had released an MMO that bombed - which forced them to release it for free. Yeah, that ain't cool.

So I had pretty much given up. There was no budget to do what I really wanted to do.

And then I thought: "Would anyone invest in me?" So knowing absolutely nothing about investors I did what anyone would do: I went to google. I can't remember exactly what I searched for, but I do remember what came up: An article that talked about Mark Cuban investing in toilet seats.

So I sent Mark Cuban and email. I'm a local dude. I'm a Mavs fan. How could he resist? Of course chances are he gets about 50,000 emails from Mavs fans every day looking for an investor - and most of them probably have better ideas than I do, but I tried anyway.

A few months later I was at Mark Cuban's house signing contracts. That's when Ransom Binary began.

Soon Serenade launches May 2011 on PC and Mac. It's a musical RPG and it is unlike anything that has ever been done before. It is essentially 2 games in one: An epic single player adventure and a secondary game mode with strong social networking features. This is not an MMO. It is an experience where people come together to take on great challenges to advance deeper into the world.

There is no PVP. This is all about friends helping each other to accomplish a very difficult task. Why is it that some of the greatest stories of all time do this - but in games a co-op mode is nothing more than spawning more eniemes to make the game tougher? Soon Serenade blows up the idea of co-op and rebuilds it into what it really should be: a social experience that lasts forever.

You'll see.


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